Welcome to R3Composites

Since the day it was established in 2001, R3Composites has been a company that has strived to bring value to its customers through its vast knowledge in engineering and extensive experience in custom molding. We use the most efficient design, material and processes to fit your part function and needs. R3Composites is dedicated to helping our customers benefit from the use of composites and other plastics for new applications and in the conversion of existing products from metal or commodity plastic to composites.

We offer a full service operation and over 75 years of experience in developing and producing composite and plastic components that improve performance and increase value. Using a variety of processing options, R3composites helps low to medium volume users to get composite products at an affordable price.

R3Composites is a company that offers a wide variety of composite materials and other resin options. This includes specially formulated materials to fit specific applications and customer demands. With a wide variety of equipment options, we are capable of making parts that range from several millimeters up to 2-3 meters in width.

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